Donald Trump’s tweets come back to haunt him – again

Donald Trump’s tweets have come back to haunt him once again as he launches strikes on Syria amidst plummeting approval ratings back home.

Back in 2012 he claimed that President Obama would launch a strike in Syria because he was “desperate” over falling results in opinion polls, but Obama wasn’t suffering nearly as badly as President Trump is today.

The Republican leader’s overall approval rating lowest in history for this stage of presidency, with 54 per cent of voters disapproving of his actions according to an NBC News study.

Deflecting attention to overseas affairs has long been seen as a political manoeuvre out of poor domestic ratings, as Trump well knew back in 2012.

But he was unawares that it would come back to haunt him this week, with an American military strike been ordered on Syria in retaliation for what US president called ‘horrible chemical weapons attack’ in Idlib.

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