Donald Trump’s NYC mayoral vote binned – because he got his birthday wrong

Donald Trump’s vote for the New York City mayoral race had to be binned because he got his birthday wrong.

The President was not in the Big Apple when voters went the polls, so he voted by absentee ballot.

But things didn’t go too swimmingly for the man who once owned a large chunk of Manhattan.

According to the New York Daily News, which obtained his ballot and found the error, the President put his birth date as 14 July 1946, when it’s 14 June 1946.

And to add insult to injury none of his family members submitted successful votes either.

Melania Trump forgot to sign the envelope, so her vote didn’t count.

And Ivanka Trump posted it too late, so her vote didn’t count either. Jared Kushner didn’t mail his ballot back at all.


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