Donald Trump’s Election “Biggest Threat To World Peace Since The Cold War”

Donald Trump’s election victory is the biggest threat to world peace since the end of the Cold War, a political expert claimed today.

Dr Brian Klaas, a fellow in comparative politics at the London School of Economics, said that the incumbent President’s warning that the US could pull out of Nato unless other countries contribute more could destabilise Eastern Europe.

He also warned that countries across Europe will now be thinking they have to spend more on defence with the different outlook at the rest of the world to the past several US administrations, saying Trump’s “apologist” stance towards Vladimir Putin has left “Baltic states waking up in horror”.

He also warned that he is playing into ISIS’s hands by not keeping moderate Muslims on his side. Regardless of whether Trump bans Muslims from the US or not it still sends a message out that ties in with their narrative of ‘us against the West’.

Dr Klaas added: “I think we woke up in a much more dangerous world than the one we went to bed in.

“The US pulling out of Nato would be the most dangerous development in decades – since the end of the Cold War.

“It should not be taken as an empty threat because Trump has said he will be looking inwards.”

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