Donald Trump’s assistant just made up a massacre to justify the Muslim ban

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, one of the highest ranking assistants to Donald Trump, has just made up a massacre to justify the ban on Muslims from Iraq.

In a frightening interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that aired last night she completely made up a terrorist attack committed by Iraqi refugees that never happened — the “Bowling Green Massacre”.

Joe Sonka was quick to point out the inaccuracies of her fictitious massacre, which she said “didn’t get reported” under the Obama administration, when the truth is that it simply didn’t happen.

Zack Beauchamp of CNBC said the source of her claim most probably comes from an incident in 2011 when two Iraqi refugees were arrested in Bowling Green, KY, on federal terrorism charges.

Allegedly, they had been plotting to send money and weapons back home to Iraqi insurgents, but there was never even a plan to kill anyone in Bowling Green.

There is the possible that Conway was referring to the other Bowling Green Massacre, I suppose, which is a local haunted house.


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