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Donald Trump ‘More Psychopathic’ Than Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump has more psychopathic traits than Adolf Hitler and fell within a whisper of Henry VIII on the psychometric scale.

Using the Psychopathtic Personality Inventory – Revised (PPI-R), Dr Kevin Dutton of Oxford University ranked both Trump and Hilary Clinton amongst a series of historical world figures, finding the Republican candidate ranked fourth on the list behind Saddam Hussein, Henry VIII and Idi Amin.

Trump scored 171, achieving two more points than Adolf Hitler.

The PPI-R method scores candidates based on eight traits, including fearlessness, stress immunity and cold-heartedness.

Study author Dr Kevin Dutton said: “Both great and terrible leaders score higher than the general population for psychopathic traits, but it is the mix of those traits that determines success.

“For example, someone who scores highly for being influential, fearless and cold hearted could be a decisive leader who can make dispassionate decisions. If those traits are accompanied by a high score on blaming others, they might be a genocidal demagogue.”

1) Saddam Hussein – 189
2) Henry VIII – 178
3) Idi Amin – 176
4) Donald Trump – 171
5) Adolf Hitler – 169
6) William the Conqueror – 165
7) Saint Paul – 157
8) Jesus – 157
9) Winston Churchill – 155
10) Napoleon Bonaparte – 153
11) Hillary Clinton – 152
12) Emperor Nero – 151
13) Oliver Cromwell – 136
14) Margaret Thatcher – 136
15) George Washington – 132

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