Donald Trump may be “sneaked in” to UK to avoid protesters

Preparations may be underway to sneak US President Donald Trump in to the UK in order to avoid protesters.

According to a source close to the White House Theresa May’s team are on standby for a visit, which may be confirmed only 24 hours in advance so anti-Trump protesters won’t have time to disrupt a visit.

The source was quoted as saying: “There is a window of opportunity for the president to visit Britain when he is in Europe later this month.

“It is likely it will be hastily arranged and it is possible no official confirmation of his arrival will be given until at least 24 hours before to stop any large-scale protest against his visit from being mobilised”.

The US President was said to be looking forward to been driven in the Queen’s gold-plated carriage down the Mall to Buckingham Palace during his state visit.

He also looked at meeting Kate Middleton for tea and having a tour of the Churchill rooms.

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