Do you have a new Fiver? Then join others & donate it to charity

The release of the new plastic five-pound notes has inspired people to donate the hi-tech currency to charity.

A social media campaign has been set up to ask people to give their brand new polymer fivers to good causes. The notes are machine washable and likely to last a lot longer than the traditional paper notes. The note features a picture of war time leader Winston Churchill.

Fundraiser John Thompson was the bright spark behind the initiative to part with their new note and to spread the idea across social media.

Mr Thompson said: “It took off over the weekend, proving fundraising is a 24/7/365 commitment.”

The corporate fundraising consultant and recruiter started a poll on Twitter, and said: “I’ll donate the first new five pound note I get to a charity. Will you?”

The Institute of Fundraising, then championed the campaign using the hashtags #givefive and #firstfiver, helping it to go viral.

Nobody at The London Economic has come across the new five-pound note, but assuming we do at some point, we will ensure if goes to a charitable cause.



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