“Division, infighting in Cabinet & reliance on the DUP make the Tories weak” – EU Council Statement, Corbyn vs May in full

“It is becoming clear that many on the government benches want to use Brexit to rip up standards, rights to work and deregulate the economy.”

“For many on the benches opposite it is the chance to make Britain a tax haven for the super rich.

The choice is clear: a Tory government that will use Brexit to protect the very richest, or a Labour vision that would protect the economy & jobs.”

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn responded to Prime Minister Theresa May who insisted she was on her way to a “smooth and orderly Brexit,” and sought to reassure European citizens in the UK and their British ex-pat counterparts in Europe, as well as people in Northern Ireland.

The statement came as reports emerged of a Tory plot to pull the UK out of the EU Working Time Directive which could see 7 million workers in the UK lose rights to paid holidays, and rules on working excessive hours torn up.

Statement: European Council. May vs Corbyn in Full

Statement: European Council Theresa May MP, Leader of the Conservative Party vs Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party in Full

Posted by Parliament Today UK on Monday, 18 December 2017


Tory plot to pull UK out of EU Working Time Directive could see 7m UK workers lose rights to paid holidays

Revealed: Theresa May has to rely on coaching Tory MP’s to shout Corbyn down at PMQs and stand looking supportive

“My constituent – an incontinent cancer sufferer – was refused PIP. She was forced to wash & reuse baby nappies.”

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