Devon town declares itself ‘city state’ in opposition to Brexit

A plucky town in Devon has made a stand against Brexit. Remainers in Totnes have declared their town an “independent city state.”

They have even gone as far as making passports and writing an oath of allegiance to the EU.

However, they admit that it is a bit of fun and don’t expect Totnes to be annexing itself from the rest of the UK, for real, any time soon. Dominic Raab has one less problem on his list to potentially worry about.

Organiser, barrister Jonathan Cooper, admitted is was for a laugh but also said: “there is a serious side to it.

“There’s so much to be had from being a European citizen and we really don’t want to give up our European citizenship.

“We want to have access to Europe because we are part of Europe and Totnes in particular has its roots in Europe.”

Totnes is in the South Hams area of Devon which voted 52.9% to remain in the EU referendum in 2016.

Mayor Judy Westacott said: “People are always curious to see the quirky character of our town and if it brings in more people I am all for it.

“As long as it has no legal position then I have no problem with it.”

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