Despair for EU nationals as Settled Status app doesn’t work on iPhones

EU nationals invited to test the new Settled Status app have revealed their despair after finding it doesn’t work on iPhones.

Home Office officials yesterday confirmed that the mobile phone app for EU nationals seeking to stay in the UK after Brexit – claimed to be as user-friendly as “an online account at LK Bennett” by Amber Rudd – will not work on devices used by more than half of the adult population in the UK.

One said the Home office has “lost the plot” after finding their whole family wouldn’t be able to use the app.

“Do I need to stop a random person on the street to be able to apply? This is madness,” they said.

Rudd had insisted that using the Home Office app would be easy for the three million EU nationals in the UK, claiming it had been “extensively tested”.

However, the fact that the app does not work on Apple devices has highlighted what many say is the government’s poor record with technology.

It was also revealed that Android phones without an NFC chip will not be compatible with the app, which means some Samsung users will not be able to use it along with all Apple, Windows and Blackberry users.


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