Dennis Skinner: There’s a growing suspicion that Jeremy Hunt wants to “privatise the lot”

Labour MP Dennis Skinner has accused Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt for running the NHS into the ground to the point where privatisation is the only option.

The “Bolsover Beast”, who became the longest continuously serving Labour MP ever this week, launched a scathing attack in parliament over hospital closures.

He said: “There’s a growing suspicion that what this secretary of state is up to is to leave them, lose all those beds in the hospitals forever so that the private sector can move in and take the lot.

“That’s what’s going to happen”.

Professor Stephen Hawking recently became the latest high-profile figure to put his name to a lawsuit aimed at preventing greater privatisation of the National Health Service.

The revered professor, who has been vocal about the dismantling of the NHS, added his name to legal action seeking to prevent the establishment of “accountable care organisations” (ACOs) in the NHS, which threaten to ration certain resources within the system.

Trade Union BMA has warned the ACOs ‘risk the potential for non-NHS providers taking over the provision of care for entire health economies’.


Stephen Hawking joins fight to prevent Jeremy Hunt privatising the NHS

“Jeremy Hunt must fix this scandal – the £100m for Virgin’s coffers should go to NHS Patient care.” Jonathan Ashworth

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  1. Barry Price

    I fully concur with everything Dennis Skinner claims, over the last 3 years I have been a regular user of the NHS, due to amputation, and there has been a deliberate run down of our services,.
    I spoken to many personel working in the NHS, and to a man or woman , they are all convinced that this is an act of vandalism by Hunt, with the ultimate outcome of privatisation !!

  2. Robert Hayes

    Have to take notice now, the people of knowledge in the commons have to be listened to or all will be lost, like the Rail, Boatyards, Steel, Mines, Don’t let the Nhs be one of them please

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