Daylight Robbery: 90% of household burglaries go undetected in England & Wales

With only 16% of British people considering their home’s security, they may as well welcome burglars into their homes as recent survey data suggests that 90% of home robberies go undetected.

Between the months of June 2015 and May 2016, there were 397,643 recorded home break-ins according to data on the UK police’s official website. Of these crimes, 277,300 were investigated but no suspect was identified.

That’s a staggering number of unresolved cases and can mean that many more homes are still at risk to thieves. So how can you protect your property?


What is the best deterrent to stop burglars entering your home? surveyed 2,000 people in the United Kingdom and asked them what they thought was the best deterrent to stop thieves entering their property?

The most popular suggestion, according to 23% respondents, was a burglar alarm, followed by 20% saying that CCTV was a good deterrent.

(Bar chart showing breakdown of Truedor’s survey results)

Bar chart showing breakdown of Truedor’s survey results

But, despite the majority of burglars making their way into your home through the front door, only 16% said that a secure door was the best way to discourage entry.

Clive Stewart, Chairman of the Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association said:

“There are many households that do not take specific care to lock their UPVC doors despite having reminders from the Police.

The Police can only keep up the practice of sending out messages to remind people to protect their own property and also help those who may feel vulnerable. Then it is up to everyone to try their very best.

It really is up to each person to take this advice and try their best to reduce the opportunity of crime.”

Whilst a burglar alarm is a great way to attract attention to thieves actively breaking in to a property, a solid, secure door can be a tough enough obstruction to stop unwanted visitors actually gaining access to your prized possessions.

A fitted, composite door, provided by a security specialist like Truedor, can offer peace of mind especially when it has multi-point locking systems as standard. But if you want to take your security to the next level, you can fit a specially designed dog bolt system: this involves two sets of triple hinge bolts that secure the composite door to the frame, protecting home-owners against intruders.

You can download the results of Truedor’s survey here.

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