David Davis’s humbling confession is just this Monty Python scene – without the music

David Davis’s appearance in front of the Brexit select committee to explain the whereabouts of the impact assessments this morning is Monte Python’s Cheese Shop Sketch without the music, social media observers have pointed out this morning.

The Brexit secretary was forced to admit to the EU select committee that the government hasn’t done any impact assessment of Brexit on particular sectors of the economy.

Reeling off various industries such as automotive and financial services, he said: “The answer would be no to all of them.”

In June of this year Davis said “we’ve got 50, nearly 60, sectoral analyses already done,” which today has been outed as a complete untruth.

The bizarre nature of the interview has led to many people comparing it to Monte Python’s Cheese Shop Sketch, where a punter walks in to a cheeseless cheese shop.


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  1. Ron

    Well it’s obvious now the Davis has openly admittedly lied and has treated Parliament in contempt and as such should be dismissed immediately with no pension!!!

  2. Amber Trudeau

    Well, who in this world is going to want to trade with this country with this bunch in charge? Lies, arrogance and festooned with incompetence not qualities I look for in a working relationship. Crooks the lot of ’em who seem to have hoodwinked the so called majority. And what irks me the most is those who voted leave saying ‘That’s democracy, get over it’!! Surely democracy has a voice both sides of the argument?. Not sure there is any solution here. Seems there’s no going back and no going forward either! Still, we got the world cup to look forward to…..

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