David Cameron hints at return to front line politics as foreign secretary under May’s successor

David Cameron has hinted that he may return to front line politics as foreign secretary under Theresa May’s successor.

The former PM, who resigned after Britain voted to leave the European Union under his stewardship, has told friends he is hoping for a Cabinet recall after a new Tory leader succeeds May.

According to the source, who leaked the conversation to The Sun, Cameron is “bored s***less” two years on from walking out of No10.

They said: “David is dedicated to public service, and has often said he wouldn’t rule out a public role one day, domestically or internationally.

“But he is only 52, and still a young man.”

Any return to Westminster may have to wait some time after the publication of his memoirs, which are now expected next Spring.

He is expected to use his biography to brutally settle scores with some serving senior ministers – especially former friend the Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who lead the EU referendum’s Leave campaign that eventually saw him toppled.

Cameron may also have to go toe-to-toe with Robert Courts, who succeeded him as the MP for Witney and increased his majority in the 2017 general election.

Labour MPs have mocked talks of a return, with Angela Rayner, MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, tweeting: “Just when you thought politics couldn’t get anymore bizarre. No David please stay in retirement you caused enough damage last time.”


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  1. P Powell

    I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person in the world with a memory when politicians lie, or maybe media is in with them.
    People think if we leave the EU then Tories will start doing what’s best for most people or society. Yet they forget when Thatcher caused trouble for us with Europe before because EU was preventing upper classes, bankers and corporations mistreating most people, such as EU saying workers should have enough breaks and genetically modified ingredients should be labelled, the secret service whistle blower told how Tories were going along with USA funding Al Qaeda against Gaddafi, a country people didn’t pay household bills, while more old British people were dying of cold than before.
    When Boris Johnson was on a TV show trying to get support to arm extremists in Syria against Assad, like how IS are driving around Syria in trucks USA sent there, the media made a fuss about a stupid comment he made, but media didn’t say anything when he said on the same show that there wasn’t a vote on second war against Iraq, when more Tories voted yes to it than other parties. That means he’s either very clever and knows what he’s doing to get media to make a fuss about his stupid comment, so he can see what other Tory lies he can get away with, or him and the media are stupid, yet we let him in positions of power to decide who we have peace with

  2. P Powell

    Same as how Nigel Lawson advised we leave the EU while he’s applying to live in France. He closely linked our economy with USA in 80s relying on many being in debt, and when economy crashed by early 90s they used as excuse to make life more difficult for people happy to get by without being a slave for upper classes, in communities destroyed by Tories. Such as VAT increases, making 18 year old in bedsit pay same poll tax as lord in a manor, while they gave the rich tax cuts. Economy they left us with crashes every few years since and same people suffer, such as bedroom tax, trying to drive poor people off roads so they can’t buy a car with tax, no time to get repairs for MOT etc

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