David Cameron buys SECOND pricey shepherd’s hut…for the £2m house he is renovating

David Cameron has splashed out on a second expensive shepherd’s hut.

The former Prime Minister, 51, posed for publicity shots with his £25,000 garden retreat last year.

He described the handcrafted cabin as “jolly nice looking” and has now bought a second hut, this time for the £2 million Cornish holiday home he’s renovating.

It’s unknown what specification Mr Cameron went for when buying the hut, but he appears to have opted for the identical green cladding and black plastisol-coated metal roof combination.

Cameron, who is now the president of Alzheimer’s Research UK, bought his first shepherd’s hut to use as a writing room for his memoirs.

But he has had to battle it out with his children who wanted to use it as a Wendy house.

The luxurious handcrafted huts, on black wheels, are made by Paul Bennett at Red Sky Shepherd’s Huts.

Prices start from £20,000 and rise to £25,000 before optional extras such as stoves, kitchenettes, bathrooms and French doors are added. Mr Cameron has a wood-burning stove in his Cotswold hut.

Mr Bennett used money released from his pension under David Cameron’s Tory government reforms to start the Oxfordshire business.

The businessman declined to comment on Mr Cameron’s latest purchase.


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