Danny Baker sacked over “racist” Tweet about new royal baby

Radio host Danny Baker has been fired by the BBC after tweet regarding the birth of the royal baby.

Baker, 61, seemingly mocking Meghan Markle’s racial heritage with an image of two people holding hands with a monkey dressed in a suit.

The radio star posted it, moments after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed their son, with the caption: “Royal baby leaves hospital.”

Baker’s tweet received a huge backlash on social media. He confirmed his firing from the BBC on Twitter, writing: “Just got fired from @bbc5live.”

“The call to fire me from @bbc5live was a masterclass of pompous faux-gravity. Took a tone that said I actually meant that ridiculous tweet and the BBC must uphold blah blah blah. Literally threw me under the bus. Could hear the suits knees knocking. #F***em.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “This was a serious error of judgment and goes against the values we as a station aim to embody. Danny’s a brilliant broadcaster but will no longer be presenting a weekly show with us.”

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  1. Rick

    What an absolute load of bollocks- it took me a good 15 minutes googling to find out what it was about- do you suppose everyone follows what this “Royal” family do all the time? I neither know or care about her background- and I suspect there are an awful lot of people like me- probably including Danny.
    But of course the BBC has to be so PC- shame they don’t have the same attitude in politics!

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