Dangers of tossing a pancake? Flip off!

First aid experts have warned of the dangers of flipping pancakes ahead of Pancake Day – with tips including “dialling 999 or 112 for emergency medical help” in cases of serious injury.

St John Ambulance issued tips for people ahead of one of the most perilous nights of the year, including moving away from the hot area if you get burnt.

With millions of Brits across the country making their annual attempt to look culinarily proficient, the plaster dispensers have set out to make sure all fun is safe fun with guidelines outlining tips such as “cool the burn” and “running under cool water”.

If you’re worried about the perils that lie ahead this evening, make sure you have this handy list on hand to make sure you don’t do anything flippin’ stupid!

1: Stop the burning getting any worse by moving the casualty away from the source of heat.

2: Start cooling the burn as quickly as possible. Run it under cool water for at least ten minutes or until the pain feels better.

Don’t use ice, creams or gels – they can damage tissues and increase risk of infection.

3: Assess how bad the burn is. It is serious if it is: larger than the size of the casualty’s hand, on the

face, hands or feet, or a deep burn. If it is serious, call 999 or 112 for emergency medical help.

4: Remove any jewellery or clothing near the burn, unless it is stuck to it.

5: Cover the burned area with kitchen cling film or another clean and non-fluffy material, like a clean plastic bag. This will protect from infection.

6: If necessary treat for shock (shock is a life-threatening condition, not to be confused with emotional shock).

7: If you are unsure if the burn is serious then advise the person to see a doctor.

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