Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne says it’s time to “think again” about Brexit

Peter Oborne has said Brexiteers must swallow their pride and think again about a process which has “paralysed the system” and “turned Britain into a laughing stock”.

The prominent Leave advocate has penned an honest Open Democracy feature which calls for Brexiteers to acknowledge that the process has gone sour, saying “we will never be forgiven if and when Brexit goes wrong. Future generations will look back at what we did and damn us.”

His position, he says, is driven by the economic impact of the “flood” of companies quitting the country, the possible break-up of the United Kingdom and the “deceit” of the Leave campaign.

Oborne also hits out at fellow Brexiteers for the “succession of claims about leaving the EU that have turned out to be untrue”.

In a key line, he says: “If we are honest, we Brexiteers have to admit that the economic arguments for Brexit have been destroyed by a series of shattering blows.” Adding: “It is becoming unbearably painful to read the financial news. For political reasons many are careful to blame factors other than Brexit. Do we believe them? Or is too much of a coincidence?”

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