Credit pours in for Corbyn’s statesmanlike response to Grenfell Tower disaster

Credit has poured in for Jeremy Corbyn’s statesmanlike response to the Grenfell Tower disaster which has claimed at least 17 lives and left hundreds of people homeless.

The Labour leader was pictured at the scene today hugging victims of the tragedy and meeting with local resident at St Clement’s Church in west London.

Prime Minister Theresa May spoke with emergency service crews but reportedly refused to meet any survivors of the tragedy and blocked media access.

The decision was taken due to “security reasons”, the Independent reported, but local residents were furious that she did not stop to listen to their concerns.

Mr Corbyn told reporters after the visit: “Some very hard questions have got to be asked and some very hard questions must be answered.

“The fire is not supposed to spread from one flat to another, it’s supposed to be contained. It wasn’t – it spread and it spread upwards and it spread outside as well through the cladding.

“Questions on the sprinkler system, questions on the fire breaks, questions on why the cladding apparently burnt, questions on building control regulations, questions on the safety.

“Hundreds of thousands of people in our country live in tower blocks, very high-rise tower blocks. Every single person who lives in a high-rise apartment today is going to be thinking, ‘How safe am I?”‘


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  1. Seamus

    Mr. Corbyn cynically tried to use the tower fire for political gain.
    He suggested that it had been caused by the lack of money local councils have.
    It seems to be that far from a lack of money being the cause, it was the availability of £8m that caused the disaster.
    Why isn’t Mr. Corbyn being excoriated in the media for his callous use of untruth to gain political advantage from a disaster?

    1. Carrie Powell

      Seamus, That you question Jeremy Corbyn’s motives for visiting the Grenfell residents in the aftermath of the fire only for political gain says a great deal about you and how little you understand the man that is Jeremy. You must have been born a cynic or perhaps it has developed with age. Mr. Corbyn has known some of the people in the Grenfell Towers area for many years, some longer than many have been on this mortal coil. That you should question his motives for going is appalling. You only had to watch him as he moved through the people who crowded around him to see genuine empathy and concern for each and every one of them. It was what they needed. They needed to know that someone from Parliament cared about what had happened to them. Perhaps Seamus you have supported the likes of Theresa May for so long that you are also incapable of showing concern and empathy towards those less fortunate than yourself. Jeremy Corbyn is a man of the people you could hardly say, on the other hand, that Theresa May was a woman of people. Theresa May said that she thought it best to let them grieve in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, she should however gone and met the people. Truth is she was too afraid to do that…. now what kind of Leadership is that? Another lost opportunity for Theresa May to show the people of Britain that she has a heart and can connect with the ordinary man and woman in the street.

    2. Chaz Wyman

      We’ve had two years of ridiculous comments like this. The fact is that you are utterly clueless about Corbyn. I think you really need to GET A LIFE!c

    3. Elspeth Nicol

      The refurb job was not given to the council’s preferred contractor, but to a cheaper bidder. Flammable cladding was chosen as it is £2 per square metre cheaper than the non-flammable. Corbyn and Khan faced locals. What security concerns kept TM away when the Queen and Prince William were able to go, is hard to imagine.

  2. Susan Maria Gavaghan

    Seamus, none of what you said makes any sense. Jeremy Corbyn tried to pass a bill last year to make homes fit for human habitation. This was voted down by 72 Tory MP’s who happen to be landlords. Profit was put before human life. How can you say that Jeremy Corbyn is using the situation for political gain? Jeremy is a man of compassion and principles, this is obvious to anyone. The same cannot be said of May and her Tory cronies. You are quite simply talking out of your a**e.

  3. Vasant Mistry

    Well done Carrie,
    You responded with the kind of answer I would have given to Seamus. People like Seamus need to go out and about among people to understand what life is like.
    He is probably one with a privileged back ground to think like that. There was an idiot on LBC , complaining that people did not vote for Theresa May to give her majority to fight EU. He meant that all of should have voted in support of Tories.
    Does he know that Jeremy Hunt is still in charge of NHS. Does he know the meaning of democracy or freedom of choice.

  4. Richard Burton

    I saw two newspapers on Saturday, the Metro and the Times. The first had pictures of JC and a fair write up, but the Times had just a few words. Likewise, most of R4 news seems to ignore JC’s visit and the response. The media are still anti-Corbyn, but instead of attacking him, they won’t report it when he does something admirable, something our so-called Prime Minister won’t do. Mind you, I can understand why she didn’t visit immediately: it takes at least 48 hours to re-programme her.

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