Corbynmania continues! Labour EIGHT points ahead of Tories in new poll

A new poll has shown that the Labour party are storming ahead in the polls, leaving the Conservatives behind, as the party is still licking its wounds from the poor election performance. Jeremy Corbyn is now pushing hard to become the next PM.

The YouGov poll, the first by the pollsters since the Election result, has put Labour on 46 per cent and the Conservatives on 38 per cent.

Way behind are UKIP on 4 per cent and the Lib Dems on six per cent.

This poll will worry Theresa May, whose strong and stable brand of Government appears to have been built on quick sand.

Since the Tories failed to secure a majority in parliament there has been a lot of speculation that May’s days are numbered. However, the part fears a change of leader could force another election, which, according to this poll, they would lose.

In recent days Theresa May has been described as a “horse with a broken leg”. For the horse that never ends well.

Last month Corbyn said he could be Prime Minister “within six months” and ever since the election it appears Labour’s support is growing.


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