Corbyn to back People’s Vote if May loses meaningful vote, emerging reports claim

Jeremy Corbyn is expected to back a People’s Vote or second referendum if Theresa May is unable to get a meaningful vote next month.

According to senior sources the Labour leader is close to agreeing that he would formally make his party the champion of another referendum or People’s Vote shortly after the loss of the meaningful vote by May – on the basis that if there is no consensus in parliament on what comes next, the question has to go back to the people, Robert Peston has revealed.

At that point there will likely be a clear parliamentary majority for such a referendum – with the choice between May’s deal (as the only negotiated deal) and remaining in the EU.

But May could try heading this off at the pass by pursuing her line that she remains committed to delivering Brexit, ITV’s political editor says, “and will in effect lead a government of national unity to capture the will of parliament on what kind of Brexit is sought by most MPs”.

As things stand more than 90 Tory MPs have suggested publicly they will not vote for it; so has the DUP; and the opposition parties are committed to voting against.

That means that, although some doubt has been cast over the credibility of Peston’s reports, come early December there is a chance we could finally have a major party backing a second vote.


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