By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to bin the EU’s highly controversial free trade deal (TTIP) with America.

During an anti-Brexit rally he promised to get rid of the trade deal if he is voted in as PM before it is implemented.

He hates the deal so much he said he is happy to work with rebel Conservatives and SNP in parliament to halt the deal.

TTIP has worried people on both sides of the electoral divide over claims it could adversely damage the NHS, as it may force state funded hospitals to open out contracts to private US companies.

It is feared that TTIP will override democracy, instead decisions will be made in court rooms away from the public gaze. However, these decisions could end up with countries being liable to pay compensation to private organisations.

However, there are some issues from Corbyn’s decision on TTIP, as sections of the Remain campaign are excited about the TTIP deal and see the EU flexing its economic muscle with the US to bash out the deal.

Corbyn said he backed French President Hollande’s pledge to block the current deal, adding: “Today we give this pledge, as it stands, we too would reject TTIP — and veto it in government.”

Their stance echoes growing scepticism across the globe about free-trade deals, with Bernie Sanders’ strong opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was a key part of his US Presidential bid.

The Labour leader thinks that the EU needs to focus on bringing in more social protections and contributing to a fairer society rather than pursuing free trade deals.

Corbyn said: “When we make the case to remain, we also make the Labour case for reform.

“We can reform to get a better deal for consumers; to strengthen workers’ rights across Europe and prevent the undercutting of wages; to meet the challenges posed by migration and the refugee crisis; to end the pressure to privatize public services; to democratise the EU’s institutions and bring them closer to people; and for reforms to ensure we generate prosperity across Europe to the benefit of all.”

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