Corbyn is a ‘phase’ says short-lived ex-PM Gordon Brown

Short-lived PM Gordon Brown has labelled Jeremy Corbyn a “phase” will have a “short shelf life.”

The ex-PM said, on the Jeremy Marr show: “Everything’s a phase.

“I mean Jeremy himself is going to accept that he – nobody goes on forever.

“We’re all phases, we’re all sort of part of it.

“Politicians have a short shelf life actually in terms of life at the top.”

Gordon Brown was PM from 2007-2010 and served a Chancellor for Tony Blair for ten years. After waiting for so long to eventually become PM, his tenure was relatively short lived and unsuccessful.

Mr Corbyn became Labour party leader and has face criticism in much of the media and from within his own party. However, he saw off the doubters and won a second leadership contest, alongside a strong general election, that cut slashed May’s Conservative majority.

Corbyn has pledged to end ‘scourge’ of sexual harassment at work. He said: “Without proper rights, contracts and union representation, hospitality staff are at greater risk of being harassed and abused in their workplace.”


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