Corbyn gives Labour biggest vote share increase since 1945

Jeremy Corbyn has increased Labour’s share of the vote more than any other leader in any other election since Attlee in 1945.

The Labour leaders managed to increase Labour’s vote share by 9.6 per cent, which is just shy of Clement Attlee’s 10.4 per cent swing in 1945.

Since then only Tony Blair (8.8 per cent) has come close to achieving such a significant change with his landslide election win in 1997.

In the year’s that preceded Corbyn Labour managed to decrease its share of the vote on three occasions and increase it once under Miliband by a meagre 1.4 per cent.

With one seat still to declare the Conservatives are forecast to win 42 per cent of the vote, Labour 40 per cent, the Lib Dems seven per cent, UKIP two per cent and the Greens two per cent.

Speaking to the BBC, Corbyn said it was “pretty clear who has won this election”.

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