Corbyn expected to win with increased majority, says Poll

Corbyn expected to win the upcoming labour leadership contest with an increased majority and even bigger mandate than he managed to secure during the last vote for the top job.

YouGov, for the Times, carried out a survey of party supporters and they discovered that Corbyn should beat his challenger Owen Smith by a 62 per cent to 38 per cent margin.

This would see an increase from 59 per cent Corbyn managed to attain in the leadership battle in 2015, where he saw off Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, making him a surprised winner from the radical left-wing.

The winner of the upcoming contest will be revealed on 24th September, just before the start of the Labour party conference, where the winner will be introduced to delegates.

According to the polling figures Corbyn is backed by the majority of union affiliates and new members, including the supporters who forked out £25 to take part in the contest. With longstanding supporters Corbyn does not have the same level of support, but the huge number of new members easily cancels out this discrepancy. Only a quarter of £25 members support Smith for leader.

Corbyn has come under intense pressure due to “traingate,’ but it seems this has not damaged his chances of becoming the next Labour leader. There was a national discussion as to whether Jeremy Corbyn was able to find a seat on a Virgin Train service from London to Newcastle, to attend a hustings.

An estimated 640,000 members and supporters have been tasked with choosing between the pair and shaping the future of the party. There have been rumours of a split in the party if Corbyn holds onto his job, as a huge number of Labour MPs have publicly announced they have no-confidence in his leadership and his ability to win the 2020 general election from the Conservative Party.

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