Conservative Government’s new Suicide Prevention Minister made jokes about suicide

During yesterday’s PMQs Theresa May announced the Government had appointed a suicide prevention minister, the first time this role had been introduced in the UK.

It has now emerged that the new minister, Jackie Doyle-Price has made jokes about suicide.

She had previously told a newspaper in her Thurrock constituency, that she would rather jump off Beachy head (a notorious suicide spot) than defect from the Tories to UKIP.

The comments were made back in 2014 after Douglas Carswell had quit the Conservative Party to join UKIP.

Price-Doyle said: “I would sooner jump of Beachy Head than join Ukip.

“I am a Conservative. I have never run away from a fight and I am not going to start now. The stakes are too high.”

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said: “These kinds of comments are unacceptable.”

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