Commenters on Guido “create their own language” to dodge algorithms and post antisemitism slurs

Commenters on Guido Fawkes have been accused of being so racist they create their own language to be antisemitic and get past the algorithms.

Last night after right wing blog Guido Fawkes published a secret recording of a private Passover seder ceremony that Jeremy Corbyn attended to attack all those present for supporting the Labour leader, eagle eyed people started questioning some of the comments on the blog.

While the Jewdas organisation that the blog describes as “radical” has a history of actively fighting anti-Semitism, Guido still has a long way to go it appears.

These are but a few of the comments on the article they published criticising the politics of the Jewish community attending the Jewdas Passsover celebration which was then shared by Corbyn opponents including two Labour MPs.

Guardian columnist Dawn Foster pointed out that people on the site use terms such as “Juue”, “Joo” and “J3w” in order to dodge algorithms.

One cited “leftie Jooos” in a comment and another used accents on the ‘e’ to post loaded responses.

The right-wing publication has found itself at the centre of Labour’s antisemitism brawl after it leaked a recording of Jeremy Corbyn at a Seder held by Jewdas in Islington.

According to the site guests shouted “f*ck capitalism” and booed the names of mainstream Jews at the event.

Others pointed out why anti-Corbyn commentators who seek to prove that he is not fighting anti-Semitism might not want to share Guido Fawkes, whose publisher Paul Staines once wrote a song called “Gas them all” and as a young Conservative, wanted Conservative students to ally with banned racists the BNP to take “direct action” to disrupt meetings by left wing students:


Jeremy Corbyn attacked for celebrating Passover with Jews – but apparently Jewdas are the wrong sort of Jews

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1 Response

  1. SonOfCasandra

    In response to the people who commented on Guido’s website, I’d like to point out that Disqus on the Guido website automatically blocks certain words and there has been no way of using the words Jews or Jewish, even when speaking up on behalf of Jews. and against Labour’s antisemitism and antisemitism in general.

    You are literally forced to use a workaround, for example using an accented vowel such as in the word Jéwish.

    There are a few viciously antisemitic people who comment on that web site and whom I always oppose and call out as antisemites.

    Sadly, the way Guido’s automoderation facility is set up, everyone who wants to comment on any matters Jewish, even to fight against antisemitism, is forced to use these workarounds to even post their comments, otherwise it would be impossible to comment in response at all on that web site. The fault is in the website’s automatic moderation of certain words, not in people who are legitimately trying to combat antisemitism, as I am.

    It’s wrong to use out of context the comments of people fighting antisemitism as examples of antisemitism. That’s cheap, shoddy and decetiful journalism.

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