Coca Cola Drops Out of Global Brands List For The First Time

Coca Cola has dropped out of the BrandZ ranking of the top 10 global brands for the first time.

The brand report has been running since 2006 and sees the soft drink brand fall to thirteenth place as the top ten list gets littered by tech and social companies.

Google hang on to the top spot, with Facebook, Amazon, McDonald’s and Chinese tech company Tencent all moving about Coca Cola in the past year.

Millward Brown’s BrandZ valuation process takes the financial value created by a brand in US dollars and multiplies it by the proportion of that value generated by the brand contribution alone. According to Campaign Mag, the brand contribution is derived from consumer research that quantifies how much of the volume people purchase and how much of the price premium people pay can be attributed to brand equity.

Coca Colas brand fell for the first time in the survey’s history this year on the back of public awareness of the risks to health from the sugar content of soft drinks. Ironically, it has now slid below tobacco brand Marlboro, which sits in twelfth place.

1. Google: $229.2bn, up 32%

2. Apple: $228.5bn, down 8%

3. Microsoft: $121.8bn, up 5%

4. AT&T: $107.4bn, up 20%

5. Facebook: $102.6bn, up 44%

6. Visa: $100.8bn, up 10%

7. Amazon: $99bn, up 59%

8. Verizon: $93.2bn, up 8%

9. McDonald’s: $88.7bn, up 9%

10. IBM: $86.2bn, down 8%

11. Tencent: $84.9bn, up 11%

12. Marlboro: $84.1bn, up 5%

13. Coca-Cola: $80.3bn, down 4%

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