Church of England calls for five days of Brexit prayers when Britain leaves the EU

The Church of England has put forward plans for five days of Brexit prayers after Britain leaves the European Union at the end of next month.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the church’s spiritual leader, says he wants to pray in public with the leaders of the Catholic, Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed churches on the day after Britain leaves.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, a senior Church of England source said: “I would hope that it will resonate with the wider nation, that this is the time for turning to something deeper in the human spirit than legal arguments and philosophical discussions, and to seek wisdom from God”.

Brexit has proved to be one of the most divisive political issues of a generation, and with just over a month to go until “D-Day” there are no signs that a clean break is on the cards.

Political leaders Theresa May, an Anglican, and Jeremy Corbyn have both been sounded out to join the church to ease Brexit divisions, according to the reports.

Queen Elizabeth in January sent a delicately coded message to Britain’s factious political class over Brexit, urging lawmakers to seek common ground and grasp the big picture to resolve the crisis.

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