Chris Evans says it’s right that public know about BBC stars’ salaries

Star DJ Chris Evans has admitted the gap between the lowest paid and people like himself at the BBC is unfair.

The admission came on the day BBC bosses were forced by the Government to reveal what stars are paid.

Evans is expected to head the wage-list getting up to £3 million for TV work and his Radio 2 breakfast show.

A list of 96 on-air presenters, entertainers and actors who earn more than £150,000 a year will today be listed in the BBC’s annual report.

Speaking outside Wogan House after his breakfast show this morning (Weds) Evans agreed it was not fair some production staff at the Beeb were paid less than £16,000 while he enjoyed a king’s ransom.

He said: ”Well what about nurses, I agree with you.”

When asked if it was right he was paid more than the Prime Minister Evans laughed and said: ”I am paid more than the Prime Minister aren’t I, is it fair? I think the most important thing is we are the ultimate public company and it is probably on balance right and proper that people know what we get paid.”

Asked about the gender pay gap, with two thirds of the top earners expected to be men, he said: ”I think this the beginning of redress I would imagine.”

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