Caroline Lucas says there is “no sign PM is willing to compromise” following talks

Caroline Lucas has said there is “no sign” the Prime Minister is willing to compromise following talks this morning.

Theresa May is holding discussions with MPs after her Brexit withdrawal plan was voted down in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

She has urged politicians to put  self-interest aside and “work constructively together” on Brexit, but according to Green MP Lucas it seems she is not willing to show the same resolve.

Posting on Twitter, Lucas said: “Just come out of Downing St after robust discussion with PM.

“I urged her to take no deal off the table and stop blackmailing MPs.

“I raised rights of 3 million and pressed hard on a People’s Vote.

“But sadly these talks are coming far too late and no sign PM is willing to compromise”.

Watch the video in full below:

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  1. billy howard

    to those mps. attending these meetings, I ask you, did you really believe she would take any notice of you? it’s not in her nature to listen to anyone.

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