Caroline Lucas calls MPs out for “truanting” climate change debate

Caroline Lucas says MPs have been caught truanting while young people show leadership on climate change after just a handful showed up to a key debate on the issue.

Some 610 MPs were missing from yesterday’s sitting on the UK’s progress towards net zero carbon emissions which was brought about following protests of thousands of children who skipped school to make their voices heard.

Theresa May condemned the protests at the time, saying it would “increase teachers’ workloads and waste lesson time that teachers have carefully prepared for“.

But thanks to the Backbench Business Committee and support from Layla Moran and Caroline Lucas, among others, the issue was heard in Westminster, albeit in front of a slender audience of MPs.

Lucas today said it is “unforgivable that 610 MPs skipped yesterday’s debate on climate change.

“Young people on #schoolstrike4climate are showing leadership, while truant politicians shirk responsibility.

“If your MP missed it, tell them why we urgently need a #GreenNewDeal to secure our futures”.

Moran also took time yesterday to thank the people who protested, saying it it were not for them this debate would never have happened.

MPs used the time to call for investment in green technology and green infrastructure, as well as “a complete and rapid decarbonisation of our whole economy” and investment in clean energy.

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