Can you spot the hidden message in this resignation letter to Donald Trump?

Daniel Kammen included a hidden message in his resignation to Donald Trump today – but can you spot what it is?

The prominent University of California, Berkeley energy professor resigned his post with the US State Department today in response to President Donald Trump’s “attacks on the core values” of the country.

In the letter he said Trump’s actions have “harmed the quality of life in the United States, our standing abroad, and the sustainability of the planet,” adding that his failure to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis after the Charlottesville attack is consistent with “a broader pattern that enables sexism and racism, and disregards the welfare of young Americans, the global community and the planet.”

Kammen has served various roles for the federal Environmental Protection Agency, energy and state departments since 1996. He’s stepping down as a science envoy to the Americas, a position he accepted in 2010 under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to a curriculum vitae posted on a UC Berkeley website.

In his resignation letter, Kammen said the president’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement and undermine energy and environmental research was unacceptable.

As a science envoy, Kammen focused on building capacity for renewable energies, according to a state department website.

The science envoy program draws on scientists and engineers to leverage their expertise and networks to build connections and identify opportunities for international cooperation. The state department says 18 envoys, described as “world-renowned scientific experts” in their fields, have traveled to 41 countries since 2010.


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