Can Blue Monday get any worse? Yes, Jeremy Hunt is now EVEN more richer than you

Back in 2005 Dr Cliff Arnall calculated that today, 16th Jan, is the most depressing day of the year, due to bills coming in, rubbish weather and the xmas buzz wearing off.

I can say that I am definitely in that camp today, with a combination of traditional illness and self-inflicted pain from the weekend festivities adding to the malaise.

Now Mr Arnall has said that this year is even worse due to Trump and Brexit, unless of course you support both I guess.

He also thinks that the number of A-list stars who have died will make people feel even more low.

So far so terrible, but it couldn’t get any worse could it? Well yes it can. Jeremy Hunt, the man many people blame for the state of the NHS, is just about to land a £15 MILLION pay day.

This is roughly 722 times what a nurse earns in a year. How depressed do you feel now you have read that? For me it’s not the politics of envy but simply a crushing feeling across my chest like an elephant has decided to use me as a chair.

Hunt is set to become the wealthiest member of the Cabinet through the sale of Hotcourses. He would overtake Chancellor Philip Hammond who is thought to be worth over £8m.

Mr Hunt owns 48% of shares in the listings firm, which reports today suggested had been sold for between £30m and £35m.Even a sale at the lowest figure would net the Health Secretary £14.4m.

So as the front pages of our newspapers are talking about the NHS crisis, Hunt will be studying his bank balance.

How many people hope he pockets the cash and decides to get out of politics, as it is too much hassle, following Cameron, Mensch and the other Hunt out the door for an easier life away from the demands of Parliamentary life.

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