Cameron asked 12 times to retract ‘terrorist sympathisers’ remark

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Today the PM repeatedly refused to apologise after he had branded MPs opposed to air strikes in Syria  “terrorist sympathisers”.

Cameron faced twelve requests during a debate on military action to retract his comments, which he failed to do.

It has been claimed that yesterday he had told waivering Tory MPs they would be set to “walk through the lobbies with Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers”.

Labour MP Caroline Flint asked, “will he apologise for the remarks he made last night against honourable and right honourable friends on this side of the House?”

Other interventions came from MPs including pro-intervention Labour MP John Woodcock, Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake, and SNP ex-leader Alex Salmond.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also gave Cameron a chance to retract his statement, but instead he sat silently, glaring at the leader of the opposition.

It is likely that the Government will win the vote this evening to begin bombing in Syria, due to the support from Labour MPs, as they have a free vote on the issue.

The RAF are said to be ready to begin the attacks, immediately after the vote, assuming it goes Cameron’s way.

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