Why Golf is Good for Business Team Building

Employer engagement is key to any business. To achieve success, your team will need to be thriving when presented with new challenges, actively sharing solutions with one another and helping share the workload across a busy workspace.

A good way to nurture employer engagement within the workplace is team building exercises and Function18 agree. They’re a great motivator for employees, because after all, who doesn’t want to leave the office for a day and have a bit of fun? Don’t be fooled into thinking such days are a waste of time though, they do serve an important purpose. To encourage your team to gel and work as a cohesive unit.

A lot of companies outsource these events to consulting companies. Sure, they might have all the latest know-how about the ins and outs of interpersonal relationships within businesses, but in all honesty, who knows the ins and outs of your workforce better than yourself? It can’t be understated how much more relaxed your employees will feel when they’re not dealing with strangers during these events.

Another problem with team building exercises now is that so many people have been dragged on those dull and predictable rope walking exercises that anytime someone mentions an activity has been booked for this purpose, the announcement will usually be met with groans. Standard team building exercises are seen by many as somewhat contrived. It would seem it’s time for a change.

Have you ever considered a team building exercise at a golf course? More specifically, over a game of Scramble Golf?

The rules to Scramble golf are very simple. Teams of around four are set up, from the tee-off every member of the team takes a shot. The team decide as a group whose shot was closest and for the next shot, each member of the team will hit a shot off that spot which continues until they get near the hole. It goes on like this until someone eventually putts.

This style of playing is inclusive of everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned pros. Everyone will feel like they are making a contribution towards the team and you may even be surprised at how quickly some take like a duck to water to a sport they’ve never actually played before. The purpose of this game should be a seen as simply having a bit of fun (though that’s nothing wrong with having a competitive streak) and helping build team spirit.

Additionally, there are a few things to consider when booking these sorts of events, first, not all golf clubs are going to take kindly to having a mob of first-time golfers on the green, so do your research to see which clubs are a bit more inclusive to novices.

Second, it’s important for everyone to be properly kitted out. Getting out on the green in the winter months can get cold, so it’s recommend to dress for the occasion. If it’s raining a good pair of mens golf waterproofs will do the job. We all know how temperamental British weather can be.

Why not have a mock ‘awards reception’ afterwards, recognising the best from the worst players, the Tiger Woods’ from the Happy Gilmore’s. It’s also a great opportunity for everyone to socialise afterwards with food and drink. The relationships made during these events don’t have to be formulaic, just set up a natural and fun environment and you will reap the rewards.

Featured image by Valaistourisme (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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