Why a Half-Hearted Welcome Can Strip Your Bottom Line

In a world where we’re marketed to almost around the clock, that first impression is ultimately the crucial point that holds all of the aces.  Those first few seconds determine whether your sales till will ring or collect dust, so get it wrong and you’ll get a nonchalant shrug at best.

Stand out in a crowd

Your Marketing Suite is the equivalent of getting noticed in that crowded room…   

With energy inflated just like at a party, your potential customer pops in to see what the excitement is about, eyes meet, they see what’s on offer and a resonance is there.  They come over to take a closer look, they’re very pleasantly surprised and want to know more…

Like it or not, it really is this simple – get it right and you’re in with a chance, get any element of it wrong and you’ve blown it. Your marketing suite is the one place where you can’t afford to compromise.  If you’ve invested your time and money into creating an amazing product, it deserves an outstanding introduction and 4Site Implementation has a vast amount of experience of making that first impression for you.

In their own words…

“Our entire aim is to ensure marketing suites are a welcoming environment that gives your clients the wow factor from the very second they enter”

Just to give them that all-important intro we mentioned, 4-Site are market leaders in providing commercial visual solutions.  They’ll create a bespoke solution for any physical marketing solution you need. Whether it’s a high-end marketing suite, hoarding for your site, or a point of sale stand or exhibition stand,  their creative team specialises in letting your brand do your talking.

The level of confidence that 4-Site displays can only come from a history of delivering perfectly every single time.  It helps that they deal with every part of the process in-house, from getting to know their clients with a clear discovery process right through to constructing your bespoke marketing suite or promotional stand with attention to every detail.

A meeting of minds

Going back to that crowded room scenario, with any marketing process there’s a potential romance on the cards.  A meeting of minds that needs to be able to live up to expectations. It’s exciting allowing yourselves to get carried away with all of the romantic notions that both parties had before they met.  You’re never just selling your product – you’re selling a solution, a notion, a dream.

If you’re marketing a new housing development for instance – you want your marketing suite to conjure up images of being part of something… a community you feel safe in… spaces to enjoy around you… a place to call home and belong.  4-Site are leading experts in providing stunning marketing suites, often commissioned repeatedly to provide nationwide solutions for their clients. Besides their ability to produce perfect craftsmanship, where they excel is understanding that your visitors already have a clear idea of what they want WAY before they set foot through your door so you can’t leave any of this to guesswork.

Tickle the senses

It’s all in the welcome… each sale is a journey – usually led by lavishing each of the senses with everything your visitors love whilst complying with the brains very well-embedded pre-conceptions.  

It has to look right… from a distance your branding needs to stand out to lure in passers-by and capture attention.  Your eyes meet across that crowded room remember… It also has to pass the test close up too, the craftsmanship and finish need to back up the quality you’re promoting.

It needs to pass the touch test…  you’ll be amazed at how many people will touch absolutely everything.  They want to know they’re not being fooled by a facade – that it actually is what it appears to be.  Using high-quality finishes, or little touches here and there, such as one-touch cabinets that open easily, or luxurious fabrics that feel amazing, all evoke that feeling of wanting more of it.  Who wouldn’t??

The details of the finish are backed up further by the sound of the materials.  Drawers that scrape when they open, hinges that creak, doors that slam shut… They seem subtle but we promise you – any little thing that your brain objects to is a sales obstacle.  An ‘I like it but…’ is a different ballpark to ‘I love it, how can I get one??’

A very obvious one here we know – the smell may not have to be perfect but you definitely can’t get this one wrong!  In that crowded room, you don’t want to be the one that forgot the deodorant in all the excitement! You’ve all heard the tricks often used in house sales – bread baking, coffee brewing… They smell like home!  The smell is well and truly part of the journey that can either transport your customer to a gorgeous place they can’t wait to get to or have them running for the hills!

You may wonder how you get taste into this?  Obviously, you can appeal to their tastes and preferences overall but in the sensorial capacity, this is where your little extra’s kick in. Give your customers that decent brand of coffee, maybe some treats that they can take away  – it only needs to be tiny but everyone likes something free especially if it’s memorable and it’s these touches that will connect a pleasant feeling with your brand when they see you again.

Maybe you’re thinking this has nothing to do with marketing suites or commercial interior design but 4-Site understands it has everything to do with it.  This is the difference between a novice and a professional. Owning their processes from end-to-end gives 4-Site the edge to ensure their bespoke creation is an ‘experience’ your visitors will love and remember you by.  In the same way that a smell of cut grass will whisk you away instantly to memories of childhood play on sunny days, a positive connection with your brand will stay in the memory vaults too.

With your welcome,  you’re saying that you want visitors to feel welcome to come back and see you.. again and again, and that’s definitely the bottom line.

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