The value of using a specialist job board

If you are currently searching for a new job, then you are already fully aware of just how many job posts there are to sift through. While looking for jobs seems to have been made easier with the increase in the number of online job sites, in fact, the reality is that you now have the seemingly endless amount of similar job posts to work through to find the ones which are relevant to your search.

While the internet has undoubtedly made much of your life easier, job hunting online can be tedious and slightly soul destroying as you find yourself scrolling through pages and pages of jobs which may match your keyword search but are in completely the wrong industry for you. Or they are in the right sector, but the keywords matched are vague and generic meaning that you have given a huge list of jobs which neither suit your skills or are at all what you are looking for. Searching for “project manager” roles, for example, on one of the big job sites will result in anything from roles in engineering to sales and retail to hospitality.

If you want to ensure that you are using an effective job search, then a specialist job board is where you should look. Finding niche relevant jobs becomes much easier when you are using a specialist job board as you will be looking in the right industry, at the specific jobs you want to be applying for. For example, if you are looking a job in events in the capital, an event recruitment agency in London may have their own specific job board which will only advertise the types of jobs you are interested in, saving you a lot of time scrolling through pages of jobs which are irrelevant to your search.

Apart from saving you tons of time in your job search, which is a huge bonus in itself, there are plenty of other advantages to using specialist job boards in your search for your next exciting opportunity.

Higher quality of jobs

Most recruiters know that by advertising their jobs on specialist job boards, they are much more likely to get a better quality of candidate applying for the role. This is because the candidate will have been specifically looking for such a role and so they are likely to have experience and interest in the area in which the job being advertised is in. As the level of candidate quality is expected to be higher, employers often advertised higher quality roles on niche job boards as they know that is where the higher quality candidates will be looking.

So, if you are looking for an entry-level position in your chosen industry, you are much more likely to find a role which offers you the opportunity to get in the specific part of the industry you are after on a specialist job board than you will be looking on a more mainstream site, where you will find more generic roles.

Finding the job you want

Specialist job boards are much more likely to wield more relevant results when you search your desired job title than a large, mainstream job site.

Niche job boards will often be industry or role specific so that when you search jobs in a specific role, such as “senior management”, “team leader” or “project manager”, all terms which would see you confronted with hundreds of random results on a standard job site; on a niche job board you will find roles which are suited to you and your existing skills and interests.

Not only do generic search terms work more effectively on specialised job boards, but you can also see more results when you use industry-specific jargon than you would see on standard job sites. Sector-specific language is more likely to be used on niche boards so you can find the exact job you are after.

Less competition

One of the biggest advantages of looking for your next job on a niche job board is that there are usually much fewer people applying for the same roles than you will find on a standard job site. As everyone on a specialised job board is looking for roles in the correct sector, there are usually a lot fewer applications for roles when compared to the hundreds of applicants applying for the same roles on big job sites, many of whom may not have even read the full job descriptions.

The smaller amount of applications received by the employer means that they can spend more time considering each application. This is a huge benefit for both recruiters and applicants as recruiters can spend more time finding the right candidate and applicants stand a much better chance of standing out in the smaller crowd.

Detailed job descriptions

When you look at specialised job boards, you will notice that many of the roles advertised have much more detailed job descriptions than those you may find on main job sites. As recruiters know that those using niche job boards already have some understanding of the job and relevant industry, they will use sector-specific language and jargon to more adequately describe the role they are advertising.

These benefits applicants as it means you get a good understanding of the role before you apply, saving you time if it is not quite right and giving you more information to include on your application if it is.

Finding great advice

Specialised job board sites are fountains of great advice for those looking for jobs in specific industries. As niche job boards usually only specialise in one sector, they are a great place to find advice which is tailored towards your specific job search. For example, knowing whether you need industry-specific qualifications or whether you need to submit a portfolio of work, and when you may need to do it, can be all be different from industry to industry, and generic sites may not have the experience to help you with your application.

Niche job boards are great places to find blogs and articles offering industry-specific advice on applications and job searches to help you find and apply for your perfect job.


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