UK workforce headed for crisis post-Brexit as businesses plan to cut full-time staff

Nearly two thirds of businesses plan to hire part-time staff over full-time once we leave the EU in an attempt to save money, new research has revealed.

The report found that a significant majority of businesses believe the cost of hiring talent in the UK will increase post-Brexit, particularly if it limits free movement for workers.

The research also suggests that not only will Brexit affect workforce requirements, but it will potentially complicate labour availability as well.

More companies are likely to turn to flexible hiring solutions such as part-time labour or freelance staff as a result.

Worksome CEO and co-founder, Morten Petersen said: “Company culture will be instrumental in how well a business can weather the Brexit storm.

“To build and maintain a core loyal workforce amidst uncertain times, and sustain the long health of a business, the logical approach for employers is to hire a blend of full-time employees and freelancers.

“This research has really highlighted some of the challenges facing UK businesses who are clearly feeling apprehensive amidst this change and uncertainty of post Brexit. Businesses need to understand and invest in the freelance economy as this will support the ability to expand and contract as market conditions will shift.

“Initial upfront costs have historically deterred many businesses from even considering the freelance talent pool. But as technology evolves and the recruitment challenge is streamlined, supply and demand will ease the ability to expand and contract teams, delivering more cost effective and efficient solutions that can help cushion the Brexit blow”.

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