A new study has revealed electricians are Britain’s most trustworthy tradespeople, with a survey of 2,000 Brits finding sparky’s are trusted over all other tradespeople.

The research examined modern perceptions of today’s tradespeople to see who we believe to be the most trustworthy, with window cleaners and plumbers also deemed to be honourable folk. But scaffolders, glaziers, and tilers still have a lot to do – featuring bottom of the list of trusted tradesmen.

The research, which was commissioned by Helly Hansen Workwear, found that appearance really does matter when it comes to trusting tradespeople, with 58 per cent of people more likely to hire someone wearing some kind of uniform. While more than 40 per cent think wearing a uniform actually enhances the quality of job a tradesman does and 56 per cent of people trust tradespeople more if they are wearing a uniform from a premium brand.

A spokesman for Helly Hansen Workwear said yesterday: ‘’When it comes to hiring a tradesman we are placing a lot of faith in allowing that person to work in our home, so we want to know that trust is well placed. The way someone dresses, holds themselves and the manners they have still has a powerful impact, and can go a long way to reassuring potential customers that they have the right skills and attitude for the job.’’

As well as boasting the claim to being Britain’s most trusted tradesman, Electricians were also voted to have the best manners and to be the most punctual and presentable looking of all tradespeople, results showed. That could be why more than two thirds say the appearance of a tradesman makes all the difference when it comes to reassuring them that they operate with the bounds of health and safety.

Plumbers were voted as the friendliest workers though and the most likely to have a joke, followed by window cleaners. The study also found builders and plumbers as the professions most likely to overcharge a customer. Builders were perceived by the public to be the tradespeople who work the shortest number of hours per day, followed by window cleaners.

Cost is still the driving factor when choosing a tradesman but a professional appearance was key for nearly half of those polled, while getting recommendations from other people plays a big part for picking the right person. There is still a feeling of apprehension when it comes to hiring new workers- over three quarters of the study still get nervous when dealing with a tradesman they’ve never used before. Perhaps that’s because nearly four in ten have had a bad experience in the past that has put them off.

Over a third said they have been made wary because of things they have seen on TV, while 30 per cent have experienced bad manners or impoliteness from a tradesman in the past.

The spokesman for Helly Hansen Workwear added: ‘’The results show that overall the majority of Britain’s tradesman have a solid reputation, but we still associate certain trades with certain characteristics. When it comes to placing our trust in a tradesman, we need to see a professional appearance, polite etiquette and disciplined attitude in order to have faith we’ve picked the right person.”


1. Electrician

2. Window cleaner

3. Plumber

4. Gardener

5. Carpenter

6. Carpet fitter

7. Locksmith

8. Builder

9. Painter and decorator

10. Gasman

11. Cleaner

12. Handyman

13. Bricklayer

14. Chimney sweep

15. Mechanic

16. Roofer

17. Plasterer / Renderer

18. Tiler

19. Glazier

20. Scaffolder

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