Transform your life in 8 weeks

By Richard Harris

Everybody wants to be successful but, in today’s society, everybody wants it now. Impossible? Well actually, no! Whether you’re looking to achieve success in your personal life, career, family life or education, success is a lot easier to achieve than you’d think. The first mistake people make is over thinking the higher details and end goal. The first thing you need to do is break your goal down into two key stages: 1) what is your end goal? and 2) what foundations do you need to lay to achieve it? Never overlook the basic elements as from them, you can begin to set (and achieve!) mini-goals ad set time frames. Keep doing this and you’ll be surprised how quickly you progress.

Over the years of running my company Tutor Desk, I’ve worked with many teachers, professionals, parents and students. All of them had different goals and methods of working but, after studying their behaviours, I realised that, by making a few simple changes to their lifestyles, all of them became happier and has a complete transformation in their successes. This can happen in as little as eight weeks and, more importantly, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO. Here’s how…

Over the Whole Program – Become Responsible!

To make any directed change, the first step is always to take responsibility for the assets and liabilities in your life. You have heard the saying, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Well, the opposite is equally true – with great responsibility comes great power. If we believe that the features of our lives (our relationships, our income, our living standards etc.) are there because of choices we have taken, then we will feel the pressure of responsibility to change them. However, if we believe that our life is a result of decisions made by other people (e.g. our parents, the stars, the economy, God, the Government etc.) then we will eternally wait for these mighty groups to change our life for us, and never feel the pressure to make changes for ourselves. If you believe you are responsible, you will begin looking for ways to change things.

My first piece of advice to you, and the greatest, is to take responsibility for the things in your life. For the things in your life you want to change, continually ask yourself, ‘What can I do to improve this?’ This principle is the cornerstone of any pre-meditated change; without it life is directionless and crippled. For the eight-week period relentlessly foster a sense of personal responsibility.

Week 1-2: Epic First 30 Minutes

The first 30 minutes of your day is the rudder that will guide it. Effective self-programmers, therefore, will carefully sculpt these critical minutes for maximum daily impact. For the first two weeks set yourself a challenge to craft a 30 minute morning which will get you feeling pumped and channelled for the day ahead. Only you will know what does this for your own individual character, but to give you an idea I can lend you my own early morning routine:

  1. Stretch out for five minutes with yoga (I do sun salutes as a good all-rounder)
  2. 10 minutes medium / high intensity cardio (this raises metabolism for fat burning, plus releases endorphins for great mood).
  3. 10 – 20 minute meditation
  4. Read yearly goals, reflect on them, then write today’s goals.
  5. Juiced vegetables, vitamins and porridge breakfast (the glowing skin alone is worth it).

Week 3-4: Begin an Excellent Physical Regime

Working out makes you live longer, increases your libido, and is a more effective anti-depressant that any medication known to psychology. A solid physical regime will put your mind in a positive place, and it is a terrific way to deal with the pressures of a highly demanding workload. Add to this the tremendous benefits to self-esteem and physical appearance. It is, unfortunately, true that humans judge each other on their appearances, so play the game and resolve to present an aura of gracefulness, beauty and strength. At the start of this fortnight, set a target fitness regime and keep to it.

Week 5-6: Meditation, Mindfulness and a Jedi Mind

Meditation has been one of the most useful tools I’ve found for happiness, emotional control and sheer ability to get things done. Mediators find their improved awareness allows them to cope with stress much more effectively, and their regular thinking becomes clearer. I personally feel much more healthier and inspired when my own meditation practice is on track. For the first week of this fortnight aim for 10 minutes AM and PM meditation, then, for the second week boost that up to 20 minutes AM and PM. I’ve found transcendental meditation works for me, but high-achieving friends of mine have found other varieties work for them – Use this week to read into, study and explore meditative practices.

Week 7-8: Your Social Circle, the Good, the Bad, and the Pessimistic

Have you ever heard that the most accurate prediction psychologists can offer for future success (or failure) is to look at the habits and standards of the four closest people to you? Take and average of those people, and that will make a very accurate prediction of where you will be a couple of years down the line. For the last two weeks you must examine your social circle and ask yourself who makes you the best version of yourself and who doesn’t. I’m not suggesting you excommunicate every buddy who overspends or misses his gym sessions, but understand that negative people will hold you back. Make it your habit to form relationships with people who have the kind of life you want to live. Debbie downers, or self styled ‘pessimists’ who always see the worst in opportunities are especially dangerous.

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