The top 7 Start-up Spaces in London

Building your own business from the ground up is a pretty enormous task. You have to be your own manager, your best creative mind, your own accountant. But do you really have to do everything yourself? Wouldn’t it be nice if, at the very least, somebody else would take care of where your brainchild can grow up and take its first steps? Today The Office Design Company have shared 7 start-up hubs in London that are worth watching if you’re a start-up business.


1. Central Working

The networking environment offered at Central Working is second to none. It’s a well-known saying that “No man is an island.” Neither is a start-up. By using their office space, you get direct contact with one of the most valuable resources your business needs to the most, gaining a huge pool of like-minded people to collaborate with on all kinds of ideas.


Huckletree-Clerkenwell-size-561x3732. Huckletree

If living a green lifestyle matters to you, surely it should matter to your business too? By basing your business at Huckletree, you and your team will be working from what amounts to an in-door garden. Plenty of research has been done on the benefits proximity to nature for creativity and productivity. In addition, Huckletree places a lot of emphasis on their dedication to sustainable technology.

vrumi3. Vrumi

Most co-offices offer a single shared space for start-ups. Vrumi doesn’t do this. Their model uses spaces offered by a huge list of generous strangers. If somebody has a spare room that would be suitable as a workspace, they list it with Vrumi. It might not be exactly what you had in mind when thinking about a working environment, but it’s definitely a unique solution with a practical approach to solving your problem.



port-of-entry4. Port of Entry

If you’ve ever wished you were born in the age of wooden sail ships, but happen to be the next Steve Jobs, Port of Entry is the place for your start up. Okay, your office space isn’t really on a ship, but the aesthetic gets the feeling right. Even if pretending to be a pirate whilst working isn’t your thing, then the rough yet beautiful raw wooden style will certainly help you catch the wind in your sail.


rainmaking5. Rainmaking Loft

Running a start-up is hard work, you already know that. Every entrepreneur needs to take the time to unwind. You might fancy yourself as being more like a Terminator than a human being, but eventually you’ll tire out. If only there was a way you could stay close enough to your project so that you could jump right back in the game at a moment’s notice, and still be able to enjoy all the pleasures of life. At Rainmaking Loft, they have you covered, offering everything you need to relax, including video games. Just don’t get too distracted, you’re here for a reason remember!


6. Rockstar Hubs

rockstarOne of the most stressful things about trying to make your own way in the world is the feeling that you have no idea what you’re doing. Even a creative genius can be intimidated by complex legal and financial jargon. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed in the face of it all, and ready to give up on a great idea, try a change of scenery. At Rockstar Hubs they offer an unparalleled mentoring scheme. The kind of knowledge available here can skyrocket your start-up, and leave you free to concentrate on the innovation.


third-door7. Third Door

Starting your own business can seem like an option only for young, single people. If you have children, you might feel like your options are frighteningly limited. If you’re worrying about how your family are doing when you’re not there, your performance can take a huge hit. At Third Door, they’ve done their best to provide child care facilities so you can get down to the work your start-up needs from you, without having to choose between work and family.


London is fast becoming a magnet for Europe’s most innovative start-ups and it’s great to see so many hubs designed specifically to help them achieve their growth goals. The Office Design Company is an office fit out company that caters to helping innovative, high growth companies to build collaborative workspaces that inspire employees.

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