Ten tips to sell home before Xmas…87 Days to Go!

By Steve Taggart

It is hard to believe but there are only 87 days to go to xmas. Shops are already advertising for the festive season, which can make you feel quite unsettled. But that is nothing compared to the panic that will set in, if you are playing to sell your home before then. Well fear not, here are ten top tips to ensure can before Santa pays you a visit.

  1. Get a signboard. Ensure you have a signboard, it can increase your chances of selling by up to 60%.
  2. Speed up negotiations. You cancut out the intermediary and deal direct with the buyer/seller using an online service. If you host your own viewings you can be sure they happen as fast as possible and respond to offers immediately. You can hire an estate agent as well – but check the small print for exclusivity.
  3. Market your property. As widely as possible so that you have the best chance of finding a buyer quickly. Use portals and don´t forget to tell everyone you know that you are selling via social media and ask them to pass it along.
  4. Research legal help. Hire your lawyer or conveyancer in advance and check out their reputation. A part-time or ineffective lawyer can slow up the selling process considerably. Also there is a shortage of conveyancers at the moment.
  5. Finances. Arrange or rearrange your mortgage in advance and do plenty of research so that you know what paperwork is required and can have it ready. Cash is king, so offer incentives for cash buyers – such as a discount.
  6. Price your property sensibly. Price at slightly below market value – this may seem like a nonsense in a sellers´ market, but demand for property is beginning to cool and if speed is your priority you may need to compromise. Hometrack estimated that recent successful sales involved properties that were discounted by around 5%.
  7. Multiple viewings. Hold an ‘open house’ if you have a lot of interest. It will save time and create excitement and competition between buyers.
  8. Break the chain. Consider taking a short term rental between properties. It will delay the move to your ultimate new home but will put you in a stronger position as both a buyer and seller.
  9. Maintain contact. Make sure that you keep closely in touch with your lawyer and mortgage company to ensure that they have everything they need. Small details can sometimes cause big delays.
  10. Stage your Home for viewings. Get advice on how to best present your home for viewings, a clean uncluttered home will appeal to a wider range of buyers. A new coat of paint can work wonders and even boost the market value of your property.

Good luck selling your home!

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