It takes time to secure great search engine rankings – Why is it so?

When people employ search engine optimization techniques to their website, they assume that there will be an overnight transformation of their website. If their website had 0 visibility, they assume that within a night, their website will secure a high rank in search engine result pages. While it is true that SEO can have a long term impact on the performance of your website, it is also true at the same time that it takes time. People who are eager to reap all the benefits offered by SEO need to be a little patient and get a clear understanding of the different factors which play a role into making an effective SEO strategy.

Good SEO takes time – Why is it so?

Perhaps the most pervasive and damaging myth on the internet is ‘instant SEO’. There are too many shady and sub-par SEO agencies which promise to offer you instant results or guaranteed front-page rankings. If you think they are too good to be true, don’t start believing in their empty promises which they will definitely fail to comply with. No matter how good an SEO company is, there is no such proven way in which you can obtain immediate results.

There are many who don’t realize this and they also fail to understand all the factors which come together to make SEO work. Read on to know few things that comes into play.

SEO is easier said than done

In order to rank well in search engine result pages of Google, there are several things that you need to do. Google is a search engine giant which has more than 200 ranking signals and they keep changing with time. Getting the right strategy is about jumping from one hoop to another and being willing enough to keep experimenting about what produces results and what doesn’t.

Google keeps changing algorithms secretly without informing marketers

SEO is ever-evolving and hence it is well-nigh impossible to stay updated. Moreover, when Google updates its algorithms, it rarely publicizes the details before updating. Online marketers and search engine optimizers are left to their imagination as what exactly will rank well and what won’t. This is the main reason why post an algorithm release, the SEO specialists start assembling data from changes in rankings from various websites. This way, they gradually determine what might have went wrong and why few sites improved in rankings while others suffered. This data is later on used to make educated decisions on how to react and take future steps.

You have to be aware of your living competitors

You won’t ever know what your competitors are up to and what they’re doing in order to rank better or worse in Google SERPs. This clearly means that the front page of Google is always a moving target and there can be no such guarantees as long as ranking is concerned. You have to stay on top of your toes so that you don’t let your competitors snatch away what is yours.

So, now you must have realized that SEO is amazingly complex and it can never be done overnight. It is indeed a long term process and you have to be patient about getting positive results. You may check out Over The Top SEO for more information on SEO and its all-encompassing impact.

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