Should freelancers have an office?

Most freelancers, especially those who do their work on the computer, work from home. Most of them argue that working from home is cheap and flexible. However, in most cases, working from home becomes hectic when your work life starts mixing with your home life.

The moment you start finding it difficult to work from home due to family distraction or other issues, then it is time to consider working from an office to avoid losing clients. Although renting office space in the major cities can be expensive, there are some spaces which meet the basic office design standards that are affordable.

Even before you consider renting an office, here are some of the key indicators that tell you that you need to move away from your home during working hours:

  • You lack a dedicated workspace at home. At one point, you are working from your bedroom while the next you are on the couch.
  • You have frequent face-to-face meetings with your clients, but you don’t have a dedicated place in your home for such meetings.
  • You are always disrupted by family members or visitors who think you are free.
  • Your home is too noisy hence you can no longer concentrate on your work.
  • Your freelancing career has grown, and you can comfortably afford the expense of an office.

Freelancers can benefit greatly when they work from an office. You don’t have to rent a whole office; the modern-day office fitout will provide you with a broad range of leasing options which include renting a whole office, renting a desk in a shared office, or co-working offices. Below are some of the benefits that any freelancer will enjoy while working from an office.

Enhanced reputation

Freelancing is not different from the other careers. Therefore, it is important for freelancers to present themselves professionally and decently. Remember that clients tend to judge freelancers more harshly than established businesses hence the more professional you are, the better.

To this regard, having an office space where you can meet your clients is crucial. Once you rent an office space, you get a physical address where your potential customers can contact you. The office helps you in making a good impression about yourself and your business.

Working from an office increases your efficiency and earnings

When you are at the office, you are focused on working and nothing else. You spend most of your time serving your clients and establishing relationships with other potential customers. You will end up making more earnings while remaining focused on how to attract more clients to your freelancing business.

A perfect opportunity for networking

Co-working space presents an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting new people. Some of them could even become your clients. Connecting with more people is essential for the growth of any business. Through networking, you can land greater opportunities that can take your freelancing career to the next level. Using a coworking space or renting a desk in a shared office is a great way of meeting your fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Work Under minimal distractions

Working from home isn’t as easy as most people think. You have to deal with all sorts of distractions. The noise, phone calls, disruptive visitors and family members, and the annoying loud sound of music from neighbours’ houses. All these can make you lose focus on your work. An office design presents you with a professional environment that is void of distractions making you focus more on your work and getting more done.

Access to top-notch technology

One of the reasons why you need to rent an office space is because it offers access to cutting-edge technology. Unless you have the state-of-the-art home office, equipped with latest technological devices, there is every reason why you need to rent an office space. Competition in the freelancing world is so stiff, and you may be left behind with your fellow peers who are working from offices. Offices provide tools and equipment such as video conferencing facilities, fax machines, and high-speed internet access which can make your freelancing job easier.


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