PRINCE2 Project Management Framework Updated for 2017

PRINCE2 is world-renowned for being the best project management framework out there right now. 2017 will bring the first proper update to PRINCE2 for nearly a decade. This follows lots of feedback from project management personnel all over the world.

The main aim of this update is to bring PRINCE2 into the world we live in today. A lot has changed in the working world since 2009 (the last update), and project management is different to how it was back then. The technology boom has meant project managers all over the world need to adjust the way they carry out their work to suit the various technologies at their disposal. They need to be able to adapt to different surroundings and have a more versatile approach to the work they do. The PRINCE2 update looks to address this and add more flexibility to the framework.

What’s In The New Update?

As mentioned, this update is designed to improve versatility and flexibility for project managers. It aims to achieve this with the following new features:

More of a spotlight on the main principles of PRINCE2

The update wants project managers to put an emphasis on the key principles of the PRINCE2 methodology. Even if you’re using a much-diluted version of the framework, the core principles will remain.

Improvements to the themes

All of the themes in PRINCE2 are now far easier to read for anyone looking at them. They’ve also been improved to help support new material too.

Improved connection between principles & themes

PRINCE2 2017 also helps to improve your understanding of the connection between the principles and themes. There’s more clarity now than in previous versions.

Additional help

Along with this the update also brings in loads of additional help to apply the new guidance to your PRINCE2 project. There are notes, hints, tips, and plenty of examples to ensure you understand what all of the new updates mean and how to use them.

Changes to Foundation & Practitioner examinations

The PRINCE2 method has always been supported by a scheme that hands out certificates after examinations. The certificates come in different levels; Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional. This new update has brought changes to the exams for Foundation and Practitioner certificates. The exam design for Foundation has changed, and there’s an emphasis on tailoring in it. Marks are now out of 60 instead of 75.

For the Practitioner exams, there’s more emphasis on practical skills. The design is improved, and the questions are more based on the PRINCE2 method. Marks have also been reduced, the test is now out of 75 instead of 80.

It’s important to note that current certificates won’t be affected by this update. It’s expected to rollout in min-2017, there has been no specific date given just yet. Also, this update is only for English versions of PRINCE2, there’s no news on when other languages will be updated. From now on, all PRINCE2 training courses will makes use of the new update.

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