Plumbers, Australia’s richest tradies in 2017

According to the Tradie Rich List 2017, plumbing is the highest paid tradie in Australia, 2017. The list, which was published on 27th of October 2017, presents hourly rates as charged per industry and location, and is based on more than 50,000 price quotes submitted to the price-comparison site Plumbers in Victoria top the list with 91,2 Australian dollars per hour, which corresponds to 53,5 British pounds per hour, or 60,4 Euros per hour.

Plumbing may not be the sexiest profession on Earth, but can you imagine a life without the services they provide? Normally, we just take for granted that things like toilets and showers work smoothly, and rarely do we think about the plumbing behind. Well, maybe we should. Just think about the huge increase in life quality plumbers, and the services they provide, actually bring. Can you imagine not having running water in the kitchen or not being able to flush the toilet? Maybe Australia’s plumbers are worth that high hourly rate after all!

In all honesty, plumbers rarely cross our mind until we really need one – and then it’s often urgent! You never know when a sewage pipe brakes or a drain becomes clogged – but when it happens it’s good to know where to turn right away, since time can be a critical factor. Wilco Plumbing is one of the most trusted, highly ranked and best qualified plumbing companies in Sydney. Drawing upon 150 years of experience, they provide a wide range of plumbing services, from fixing blocked drains and repairing broken or leaky pipes, to repairing or replacing toilets and providing hot water system service and repair. Plumbing emergencies are top priorities and often handled the very same day. This is possible thanks to a large team of highly skilled and well-equipped plumbers operating all over Sydney. And best of all – they offer extremely competitive prices!

Besides cost-competitiveness, costumers choose the Wilco Sydney plumbers for a range of good reasons: high skills and extensive experience, emergency plumbing services, proven ability to complete jobs in time, and – perhaps most important – the company is insured and fully licensed by all relevant local authorities. In other words, this is a plumber in Sydney you can really trust. The risks associated with hiring unlicensed plumbers cannot be underestimated. Unexperienced and unqualified plumbers may be cheaper up-front, but may do more harm than good – resulting in higher costs in the near future.

Becoming a licensed plumber in Australia is no easy task and requires formal education as well as extensive practical experience. Government authorities regulate the specific skills and training needed in order to obtain a license (the exact requirements differ between states). But what about migrant plumbers who were educated and trained in a different country, where plumbing practices are potentially very different? No worries, as long as they have Australia’s plumbing provisional license. Migrant workers can apply for this license after having had their skills assessed by the Trades Recognition Australia. Holders of the provisional license are allowed to work under supervision while completing the Australian context gap training. Essentially, the license proofs that migrant plumbers have the same skills and expertise as locally trained plumbers. None of these formalities need to concern you, however, if you hire a plumber from Wilco Plumbing, since they are all licensed.

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