New Social Recruitment Platform can make you money

By Steve Taggart 

A revolutionary new technology platform, available online and as an app, is set to shake up the recruitment industry while also turning savvy consumers into a network of part-time recruiters. GigPlug has already amassed over 2000 consumers acting as part-time recruiters and a talent pool of 450,000 potential job-seekers.

The platform uses a newly developed algorithm that matches your social contacts with a database of new jobs. Upon matching the professional experience of a contact with the criteria of a job posted on GigPlug, the platform invites you to refer your friend for the job via one easy click, delivering you a bounty payment of up to £2500 if your friend takes the role. Currently there are bounty payments amounting to £100,000 on the platform.

In a recruitment industry that is worth £28.7bn, GigPlug seeks to redistribute the wealth to individual consumers who can develop a second income right from their smartphone, while also doing friends and social contacts a favour by helping to further their career. 

Says Co-Founder of GigPlug Phil Hakim, “Currently, the recruitment industry is inefficient. Having experienced it ourselves we found that the cost of hiring candidates was not only expensive but also that their level of competency was not as high as those candidates referred via our friends and contacts on social media. The recruitment industry is ripe for disruption. In the same way Airbnb challenged the hotel trade and Uber the taxi firms, we hope to drive more value in the recruitment industry while also allowing consumers to make some money in the process.”

The new platform, which is available as an Android and iOS app as well as online, offers bounties of between £500 to £2500 as a reward for the user referring friends and contacts from Facebook and Linkedin. Since launching in November 2014, GigPlug has amassed over 2000 users who have generated over 1000 referrals – a figure which grows by 30% each week and signed 50 clients ranging from blue-chip companies to some of the UK’s hottest start-ups.

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