Nautal: The Airbnb of the Sea has been born

A young entrepreneur startup has created the definitive website to connect boat owners with people who want to rent them.

Buying a boat is a big investment, and their owners will spend a lot of money on them. With the advantage that boat owners can amortize this investment and nobody is left without being able to enjoy the sea, Nautal platform has been born, a startup created by entrepreneurs that helps boat owners to rent them to other people, whether as fishing charters or for sea trips for few hours or even weeks. This initiative is part of the collaborative economy, which Airbnb platform is the forerunner.

Airbnb was founded in the city of San Francisco by two industrial designers in 2007, when the real estate market was in crisis as a result of the collapse of prime mortgages and the start of the worldwide recession..

Despite recovery from this economic slump still progressing, the situation has changed, so it is time to provide solutions that benefit both the boat owners and those who want to enjoy the sea but have no money to buy a brand new or second hand boat.

Sailing is a wonderful experience where you are in direct contact with nature. Suitable for  families, couples and large groups who want to enjoy the experience can make it possible at good prices.

One of the favourites is Spain, a high coveted destination for holidaymakers all over the world: nice weather, gastronomy, friendly people and wonderful beaches are some of the charms of this country that has a coastline where you can spend lovely holidays.

Do you want to make it even more fun and exciting?

Renting a boat for few hours or few days is a great idea, and the offering available through Nautal website are very suggestive: rent a boat on the Catalan coast and travel to

Palma de Mallorca on a weekend. The website has an easy interface which make it very clear to understand, all ready for a lively adventure.

The search is carried out according to the geographical area and each advertised boat contains all the information required, prices and high quality pictures.

What can be better than a sea holiday from the sea?

Weekend getaways are becoming popular and bookings in low season (from October until April) are much cheaper, so it is a matter of taking advantage, as rental prices in summer season do command a premium.

Those who have an ecological spirit can find boats such as the ecological schooner that makes its way between Tarragona and Palma de Mallorca coast and it’s also available to celebrate events, birthday parties and so on.

This option in particular can transport up to thirty passengers and has been the unusual venue of some of the coolest parties in the Mediterranean – that are already becoming a thing of legend.

There’s no better privacy than having a party on a boat. Turn the music up loud and no one is bothered. Party till dawn and there are no neighbours to disturb.  Waking up from the party in the middle of the sea was previously a privilege of few, but is now within reach of many.

The startup success is assured; Nautal is much more than a website, it is the meeting point for professionals of the sea with people who want to enjoy and make this experience possible: a magical place where you can start the most passionate adventures.

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