Successful Marketing – How to Make Print Advertising Work for Your Business

While the popularity of social media and internet marketing is undeniable, you might think that more traditional marketing methods are no longer worthwhile. However, for many business owners, traditional print advertising is still an effective and worthwhile investment as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Yes, everyone is talking about online digital marketing, and while advertising on social media and other online platforms can be beneficial, it’s not the only marketing method which can bring results for your business. Print advertising is alive and kicking! And here’s why.

Print Marketing – The Pros

There are several tangible benefits to advertising your business using printed media, whether it’s in a magazine or newspaper, or using other printed media such as leaflets, flyers, or large-format pull banners at events.

  • It conveys a professional image
  • People take your business more seriously
  • It is highly targeted

While anyone can pay £10-25 to promote their business on a reputable website, print advertising, because of the cost involved, says something about your business; you’re serious, stable, and a respectable business.

Online ads don’t carry the same weight or gravitas as an ad in a magazine or newspaper, or the production of a leaflet, flyer, etc. So, people’s perception of the companies which do appear in print is somewhat more favourable.

Advertising using printed media tends to be highly targeted, aimed at a specific group of customers. Your ad will appear in front of plenty of people with a serious interest in what you are offering.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Your ad in a magazine will be seen by readers who actually have enough interest in the subject to purchase the magazine; serious potential customers for your business, not just anyone browsing online.
  • Your printed leaflet or flyer placed in the hand of a pedestrian passing by your business is something tangible and personal; it’s impossible to replicate this simple yet powerful interactive experience with a potential customer through online ads.
  • Your outdoor X banner stand seen repeatedly, day after day, by a commuter, is highly targeted and carries a subliminal influential power which does not exist in online advertising.

Making print advertising work for your business

A successful print marketing strategy requires careful planning. You need to establish the desired outcome of your ad: promote an offer, inform about a product launch, attract new customers, etc. before you can go about achieving it. This information will be essential when it comes to actually designing your ad, leaflet, flyer, banner, etc. in conjunction with a graphic designer – to ensure a high-impact, eye-catching result, that is appealing to people.

Bear in mind this important point; the majority of ads are not actually designed to directly sell a product or service, but to encourage consumers to become more aware of your business or brand, so that when they are in a potential buying situation it’s your business name, brand, or product which is at the forefront of their minds.

While online advertising may be ‘hot’ at the moment, print advertising remains an extremely powerful, cost-effective method to promote your business. So the next time you sit down to strategize marketing – consider including print advertising into your marketing mix, to reach even more potential customers, and give your business a further boost.

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